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PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT associated with any 3rd party websites or people selling puppies for us. We will never ask anyone to pay in full until the time of getting your new pup. We only sell our poodle puppies on our website directly with each family.

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Our little corner of the world!

Check out the Upcoming Puppy litters we will have available! See if any colors strike your interest! We will have Parti colored, Tri-Color, Brindle and Phantom.

Welcome to Oak Hill Farm Standard Poodles, located in the Great Lakes area in the state of Wisconsin. We take great pride in producing superior Standard Poodle puppies for sale that become Family members. Our Poodle puppies for sale are home-raised on our 40 acre farm. All of our standard poodle puppies for sale are from AKC registered breeding parents and includes a Health guarantee.  All of our standard poodle puppies for sale are vet checked before leaving to ensure your family has a happy healthy puppy. You will find we set ourselves apart from the rest in many, many ways. Why settle for less in a family companion when you can acquire the best from Oak Hill Farm Standard Poodles.

Our Facility

Their kennel is as comfortable as our home, featuring air conditioning and heat with insulated vinyl floors and fiberglass walls. It has natural and artificial light and we even have music 24 hours a day for stimulation and relaxation. It is important for our dogs to hear human voices at all times.  All dogs have doggie doors available with 50′ runs that are concrete and pea gravel.   Our kennels are cleaned and disinfected daily with natural cleaners and our runs are cleaned daily and disinfected and treated monthly.  Our dogs and puppies are bathed and groomed monthly to maintain cleanliness. We have many large fenced in areas where we let the dogs out to play.

Some of our standard Poodles.

Daily Care

Our Poodles are fed once a day and given fresh water daily and as needed. Our Poodle pups are fed ground up dog food at 4 weeks of age and still drinking mother’s milk. The first week we start feeding them they are fed once a day. The second week they are fed twice a day and then the third week and on they are fed three times a day, eventually eating the food dry and whole. Pups are fully weaned from their mother by the time they are 6-7 weeks old and are taught to go out their doggie doors. By the time they are 8 weeks of age they are ready to leave Oak Hill Farm.

Feeding and Nutrition

We feed a natural food, American Natural Premium, made in Wisconsin. You will find that we are advocates of natural products including vitamins, probiotics and essential oils that are anti-viral and anti-bacterial. We use McLaren’s light therapy to stimulate healing and immune systems (same as acupuncture, but not invasive).  We do everything we can to produce a healthy puppy that is mentally and physically and socially blessed. Moms, Dads and puppies are fed NuVet vitamins and probiotics daily for good personal health and the health of their offspring. For more information on these things and more please click here.

Standard Poodle Breeder Reeses Pieces ofspring Aren't they spectacular

Never owned a Standard Poodle… have been cheated.

Socialization of our Dogs

Puppies that Oak Hill keep or are purchased from elsewhere are kept in the nursery until they are about 4 months of age and then they are brought into our home and are crate trained, develop house manners, leash trained and learn to meet the public (people that they have never met before). These experiences make a calm, loving mother or father which in turn produces an exceptional puppy. We do a series of socialization exercises that produce mentally and physically happy and healthy puppies.

Do I do all of this myself?

Of course not! Oak Hill is family owned and as such everyone that works here has great love and affection for our dogs. My granddaughter, MacKenzie, works for me full-time and is wonderful with the dogs. She not only cares for them physically, catching any changes in their personalities mentally or physically but trains them interaction with discipline and love. I have grandsons that work with me on the weekends; playing with the adults and puppies much to their delight. So your puppies have experienced adults and children on a daily basis.

Standard Poodle Breeders Cleaning Duty

There are NO bad days when you come home to a dogs love.

We provide chewies, appropriate toys, in different areas at Oak Hill to play in, with  different play partners.

How do we choose our Moms and Dads?

Not every dog can be an Oak Hill mom or dad. We require they have the temperament to meet the public and handle being a breeding mom and dad at the same time. If they do not have that type of temperament then they are spayed and neutered and are placed in an appropriate home to be loved. Pedigrees are studied from the top to the bottom for coloring, genetic stability, size, health and therefore ensuring improvement of the breed. This is the ONLY reason to breed! We encourage farm visits to meet our wonderful moms, dads and puppies. If moms are pregnant or still nursing because of bio security we reserve the right not to show them (more than 10 miles away from home) a whole new set of viruses and bacteria are carried on your person and puppies do not have immunity to those new viruses and bacteria. I love to see the faces of people when they meet our dogs for the first time!  A customer recently said, “I hope when I die I come back as a dog at Oak Hill Farm.”

Puppy Whelping

Mothers are brought into the home 2-3 weeks before they are due, they are given extra nutrition and care which produces a relaxed and confident mom. From a week before they are due they are at my side day and all night long. We do not allow the moms to deliver their own puppies, we are there to help them deliver their puppies to eliminate trauma for the mother and for the puppies. We are with the puppies and mom day and night for a week encouraging mom when puppies become too much just like human moms. Dog moms need reassurance and help as well. Mom and puppies are kept in a confined area that is safe (no other dogs are allowed in this area) and kept at a specific temperature. Mom and puppies vitals are checked on a regular basis to ensure their health. After 2 weeks mom and puppies are moved to the nursery and given more space to move about and develop their muscle structure. We use large 6’ x 8’ whelping pads to help keep puppies clean and they are changed daily. Once the puppies start food they are placed on sheets of non-printed newspaper with shredded paper on top to ensure cleanliness, which is also changed daily.

Our Promise to our new puppy owners

After you purchase a puppy from us we will be here to answer your questions and help you in any way we can, and if we don’t have the answer we will do everything that we can to find it!