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Updated: October 5, 2015

Becca/Jasper Litter
Born September 18, 2015
Ready to leave Oak Hill November 13th!

 Female #1- Black Phantom

 Female #2- Tri-Color

 Female #3- Black Phantom

 Female #4- Tri-Color Phantom

Female #5- Tri-Color

 Male #1- Brindle

 Male #2- Brindle with a patch of white on chest

 Male #3- Tri-Color

 Male #4- Tri-Color

 Male #5- Tri-Color

 Male #6- Tri-Color

Ember/Reeses Litter
Born September 4, 2015
Ready to leave Oak Hill October 30th!

 Female #1 - Red with some White markings

Female #2 - Red/White

 Female #3 - Red with White markings

 Female #4 - Red with White markings

 Male #1 - Champagne Red with White markings - SOLD to Palmer


Portia/Royce Litter
Born July 28, 2015
Ready to leave Oak Hill September 22nd!

 Male #1- Black/White - SOLD to Smith









Posted: October 5, 2015, 1:55 pm