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Oak Hill Farm Standard Poodle’s Testimonials

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Oak Hill Farm Standard Poodles Reviews & Testimonials

A few words from the families purchasing our Standard Poodle Puppies.


“While walking my parti colored standard poodle today, a couple stopped me to ask about his coloring. I reffered them to you and told them that I have searched many many websites and felt your poodles are really quite special.” -Phyllisa DeSarno

“Our poodle is in great shape and soo beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to live a wonderful time with out little princess. You are a wonderful breeder and because I often watch your videos and it is through love and patience you give the puppies that allow us to have such wonderful dogs.” -Josee Trottier

“Ariel is AMAZING!!! WOW, I can’t believe her personality.” “She has met other dogs and is very playful with them and is a very confident pup! The vet was amazed with her personality and look! My one friend is a dog trainer, she said she has never met a puppy with this type of personality. She couldn’t get over how amazing she was and how smart she was and she has met a lot of poodle and other pups in her career!! -Madga Lucha

“Greta is wonderful….very sweet and playful. She is very good about potty training. She loves Sophie our other standard and is teaching her how to play and be a dog. Greta has more confidence then Sophie, hope it will rub off on her.” -Dana Windes

“Our St. Nick is the most wonderful, docile, laid back, well behaved puppy I have ever seen. He loves the children and is very gentle with them. He is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for our adorable new “not so” little guy. He is perfect.” -Betsy Myers

“I can’t thank you enough for such an amazing puppy!! Just love his unique look and personality to boot!!” -Lisa Hein-Barrows

“He is just a knock-out in looks and attitude. Thanks for making this possible to have such well bred pups.” -Deena Muehlenkamp

“I have worked and spoken with a number of breeders buying various puppies throughout the years, and without a doubt my experience dealing with you was heads and tails above any other breeder. I appreciate how you consulted with me and we talked through the various puppies and their temperament for the right fit for my family. When I narrowed the decision down to different puppies, (and one being significantly more expensive), in the end your recommendation was to go with the other puppy. Had you been a sales person or someone who was trying to just unload her dogs, then I am confident that you would have sold me the more expensive one. I am not a person who buys things on emotion, so had I arrived at your facility and felt uncomfortable with anything I would have walked away. Anyone seeing your facility in person would have no concerns. I was also impressed when you took the time to bring in each of your males, as well as some females. These dogs were in excellent shape and most importantly they were all extremely well behaved. We have had a few trainers comment on how mellow and easy going he is.” -Scott Clemens

“Summer had her first vet visit yesterday, and my vet asked if you had a lot of dogs. I told him yes and he said usually when a puppy comes from a breeder with a lot of dogs he can find something wrong with the puppy, like mites, fleas, underbites, etc. But he said Summer looked great and he couldn’t find anything wrong with her eyes either. I told him how good you were and he said he was glad to hear it.” -Lesley Wilson

“Her outgoing personality is outstanding. She loves people, she is confident!! She is a joy in our home and what a smart girl. You have done such a great job and we will highly recommend your kennel to anyone interested in poodles!!” -Sharon Borneman

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