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Male Standard Poodle Breeders

Welcome to our Standard Poodle Breeder Males page. Please take a look at our male standard poodles.


Reeses is a Red and White Abstract Standard Poodle Male

Reeses Red Poodle Breeders


Tri-colored Tuxedo Parti







Jasper is a Red and Black Sable Phantom

img_5976  img_5992




Luger is a Brown and White


IMG_3636      IMG_3643  IMG_3656  IMG_3754






IMG_3715                           IMG_3723



Dillon is a Black and White

IMG_3726  IMG_3728  IMG_3733



Topper is a Red and White Tuxedo

IMG_8354 IMG_8344 IMG_8348



Audie is a Black and White Tuxedo

IMG_8370 IMG_8381 IMG_8364



Hershey is a Brown & Apricot Phantom

IMG_3766  IMG_3768