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Testimonial – Standard Poodle – ‘Scott Clemens Family’

September 25, 2013

Scott Clemens Oak Hill Farm Standard Poodle Testimonial

“I have worked and spoken with a number of breeders buying various puppies throughout the years, and without a doubt my experience dealing with you was heads and tails above any other breeder. I appreciate how you consulted with me and we talked through the various puppies and their temperament for the right fit for my family. When I narrowed the decision down to different puppies, (and one being significantly more expensive), in the end your recommendation was to go with the other puppy. Had you been a sales person or someone who was trying to just unload her dogs, then I am confident that you would have sold me the more expensive one. I am not a person who buys things on emotion, so had I arrived at your facility and felt uncomfortable with anything I would have walked away. Anyone seeing your facility in person would have no concerns. I was also impressed when you took the time to bring in each of your males, as well as some females. These dogs were in excellent shape and most importantly they were all extremely well behaved. We have had a few trainers comment on how mellow and easy going he is.”

-Scott Clemens

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